With roots in the gaming industry, one of our Senior Architects has a Masters in Game Development and teaches at the University of Costa Rica.  As such, an Indie game developer approached us to lead an ambitious project to revitalize Player versus Player conflict in MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games).

Here’s a little about this project:

Combat is skill based

  • No tab targeting! Must aim your swings/shots
  • Low level characters can kill high level characters
  • Skilled players will beat un-skilled, regardless of gear (within reason of combat mechanics)
  • Well timed parrying, blocking and dodging will win fights
  • Luck based critical hits can turn a fight in a hurry
  • All classes will be balanced in a rock, paper, scissors setup

Quests are the content, not the filler

  • There are environmental interactions like jumping, moving objects, puzzles, riddles
  • Regular mobs add to the quests, they don’t define the objective
  • Most quests will end with a BOSS mob that drops unique items, or keys to nearby treasure.
  • GW2 Jump quests, Lego games / Zelda / Tomb Raider style dungeons. Make you think to solve.

PvP is entertaining and epic

  • Alternate advancement unique skill pool only accessible through a PVP levelling system. (PVP Points)
  • PVP goals and objectives include City sieges, village control points, ship warfare, guild relics, solo relics among others.
  • PvP “status” or “rank” system (similar to Camelot herald) a top list of PVP points earned by guild/player/class for the day/week/month and all time.
  • Everyone can jump in and have fun (Chivalry)
  • Low level griefing has consequences, defending yourself doesn’t
  • Combos and Gory finishing moves (fluff)
  • Mounted combat
  • Ladder matches, Arenas for non pvp point rewards.
  • PVP will be a viable way of levelling up
  • Directional Yells/sound will create more immersion for first person/vr modes

Hybrid leveling

  • Use an “Aging” system based on character creation to restrict access to skills/levels
  • Character levels to affect base stats (DnD), based on acquired experiences
  • Skill levels based on usage and/or offline training,
  • Make characters of all levels easy to play together
  • Some skills must be learned/taught by scroll or randomly generated wandering trainer

Gear is balanced and not stat based

  • Re-gearing should be easy and cheap to do
  • Gear will have very small bonuses, + to stats and skills will be very minimal

The Environment is more than just something to look at, its something to do

  • Items “expire” from the surface, and become hidden
  • Players can hide loot / equipment
  • Players can perform search actions to locate hidden stashes or loot
  • Player can interact with objects, cut trees, climb, move boulders, destroy boulders, push button, pull lever, turn candlestick
  • Tax collector npcs will rob you of 10% of your gold when getting too close.

Movement is an integral part of playing, not a speed at which to fight or traverse the landscape

  • Walking transitions to Running, Running transitions to walking (Assassin’s creed / GTA style)
  • Turning / pivoting is a movement, not just a direction change with a mouse
  • Being mobile affects combat (hit / damage)
  • Encumbrance affects movement? (Stamina drain)
  • Health affects movement, if below 10% you will walk slow, @ 0% player goes unconscious and can be aided, dragged, or bleeds out and dies.

This project is in the development and design phase and details are still to be refined as we advance!